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Covid and Your Eye Care

scott van daalen UsALNdok2m4 unsplash (1)My name is Doctor Sharon Yamanaka. I am an optometrist here in Los Alamitos CA. I’ve been in private practice for the last 32 years. Twenty-eight has been here in Los Alamitos.

I would like to let you know our office is open to see patients on urgent or emergent care basis. We are also here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to pick up your glasses, please contact our office and we will also be here to refill your contact lens prescription and eye supplements.

I want to let you know that we are taking immense measures to keep you and the community safe. We are sterilizing the office before and after each patient visit.

Furthermore, patients are asking if the coronavirus can affect their eyes. There is a small chance that it can affect your eyes with a condition called viral conjunctivitis or commonly known as pinkeye. However, as this virus is so new, we are constantly being updated with new results and recommendations.

If you have any symptoms such as red, watery, tearing eyes, please contact your local provider before seeking help an emergency room.

These are difficult times for everyone. Our hearts go out to those that have been affected by the coronavirus.

We thank health care providers, first responders and community members that are in the frontline of this pandemic.

I want to assure you that I’m here for you now and will be here for brighter days down the road. Thank you.

Watch and share our video with friends and family. We are all in this together:

Dry, Red Eyes?, Dr. Yamanaka – Los Alamitos Optometry, Los Alamitos, CA


The eyes don’t make enough tears, and the eye cannot be comfortably hydrated


The eye produces tears which are flawed. They often lack one or more essential parts normally included in tears to allow them to properly coat and hydrate the eye.

Red Eyes

Red eyes are generally not as worrisome as dry eye syndrome and you shouldn’t worry too much about them. In most cases, red eyes are caused by allergens or foreign substances, which can cause your eyes to become irritated. Small blood vessels throughout your eyes then become inflamed and enlarged, becoming much more visible and turning your eyes a reddish hue. This is where the term “red eyes” comes from.

The leading defense against either of these forms of dry eye syndrome is a type of specialty eye drops called “artificial tears.” These special eye drops combat the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome by imitating real tears as closely as possible. In order to do this in the best way possible, there are many different formulations of artificial tears. Each formulation addresses a different underlying cause of your dry eye. Some help to to address the issues of dry eye syndrome in which tears are lacking in quantity, and others will add one or more building blocks to your tears to help them better perform their intended function., Dr. Yamanaka, Los Alamitos eye doctor.

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A not of caution, however: The great number of conditions that can cause dry eyes makes it very hard to know exactly what the cause may be sometimes. If your red eyes are accompanied by a high fever, headache and/or a great deal of eye pain, go to the doctor immediately. This note aside, red eyes are almost always minor and should not cause anxiety unless accompanied by these additional symptoms.

Many times, red eyes will heal up and return to normal without any medical attention at all.

Even with a brief but comprehensive explanation such as this, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between these two similar looking conditions.

Please don’t forget to make an appointment to see our Eye Care Specialist

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