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Contacts FAQs

Is there an age limit to wearing contacts?

No, as long as you are a good candidate, we have patients as young as 9 to as mature as 75. We would rather as WHY a patient would like to wear contacts instead of glasses. A motivated patient provides the best success.

Can I wear contacts part-time for exercising, socializing, etc.?

Yes. Our patients often come in during the holidays or special occasions just to have a different look. To avoid glasses slipping down during their work-outs, our patients will often wear Daily disposable contacts.

Can contact lenses pop out of my eye and get lost?

Today contacts fit so well and are so comfortable, that this is an extreme rare occasion. Fortunately, the advent of disposable contacts allow you to keep a spare in your bag for any such mishaps.

Are contact lenses comfortable to wear?

Yes. During the contact lens training process, you will initially feel the contact lens. Surprisingly, by the time they apply the second lens, they forget they have a lens in the other eye!

Can I wear contact lenses while participating in sports or recreational activities?

Most definitely. Just like our “dress shoes” and “comfortable walking shoes” contact lenses have their place and time. Our goal is to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

I’ve been told I have astigmatism. Can I still wear contact lenses?

Yes. Many moons ago we had to turn away patients that had a certain level of astigmatism; however, with new technology, “We’ve come a long way baby”. Call our office to see if you are a candidate.

How can I benefit from wearing contacts versus glasses?

Contacts offers more natural vision, as your depth of perception is not altered. Peripheral vision is an added benefit for sports, activities and most importantly changing lenses during park traffic times.

Can contacts make my eye worse?

There has been no scientific proof that contacts make my eye worse.

Are contacts easy to take care of?

Yes. New technology makes cleaning even easier.

What if I lose my contacts?

No problem. Having a spare pair of contacts in your bag is affordable and convenient.