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Antireflective Coat Lenses

Some of the light striking the lens surface of your glasses is ordinarily reflected back by the lens. A multi-layer coating of metal oxides, knownas Antireflective (AR) coating, will significantly increase the amount of light transmitted through the lens by decreasing the amount of light lost to reflection.

Antireflective lenses allow people to look you in the eye without having to see reflections of the room in your lenses. This allows for increased eye contact, which is critical to conversation.

Another advantage to Antireflective Coatings is that it can help with nighttime driving. Driving at night can be a serious problem for some glasses wearers. Headlights from other vehicles and streetlights can create distracting double images that make seeing difficult. Antireflective Coatings increase the amount of light transmitted through the lenses to the eyes and there is an overall reduction of glare and other reflections.

If you wear a strong prescription, think about requesting an AR coating in conjunction with High Index lenses to make your glasses look and feel as thin as possible.

Lenses with antireflective (AR) coatings used to be hard to clean, but due to advancements in surface treatments on the lenses and improved technology, fingerprints and smudges are not nearly the problem they used to be. Now that Antireflective coating is easier to clean and is more scratch resistant, it has become a much more practical option. Ask us if an Antireflective coating is an option that will work well for you!

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